Oot and aboot with Javier and Meagan!

I was oot and aboot one afternoon last week and came across a very dedicated skateboarder (Javier) and his cheering section (Meagan).  They patiently let me take some photos of them.  I also handed my camera over to them and requested they make some photos of each other, they both obliged.  Here are a few of the results.

Meagan is the one on the left! 🙂

I like the angle of this one.

Javier shot this one of Meagan and I.

Meagan is quite the photographer! 🙂

Javier and his cheering section Meagan.

Meagan shot this photo too! 🙂

They also thoughtfully answered several questions I asked them.  I found them to both be very interesting and insightful.  I asked them about their dreams.  At first they both answered the kind of answer that a ‘normal’ person might be looking for.  What work or job they might like to do.  But I don’t really ask ‘normal’ people kinds of questions!  I wanted to know about their DREAMS!  What makes them feel excited?!  What lights their hearts up and shines through their eyes!?
With a bit more encouragement they both allowed me to take a peek into what makes their eyes shine.  It is late.  I want more time to give my write-up about my interaction with Javier and Meagan the attention it deserves.  My goal is to have the proper article published by Sunday 4 March 2012.

Javier is the one on the right.

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