Taking the Flytable to the next level

Flying formwork tables

I always seem to happen along at just the right time to get to see and learn something interesting!  This day was nice and calm enough to learn about Flying formwork tables (Flytable for short).  A Flytable is a pre-assembled table used to form a concrete floor that can “fly” to the next level with the use of a crane.  The desirable quality is that the table does not need to be disassembled on the lower level and reassembled on the next level thus saving time and labour.

I appreciate the communication and choreography that goes into moving a table from one to the next level.  There was so much going on at once that I found it a little difficult to capture and translate into something coherent for people like me that are just learning about flytables.

To get a better view and story, I recommend clicking on the first photo to enlarge it and then click through to see entire photos and read additional comments on some of the photos.


Special thank you to Tom P and George from Elite Formwork who answered my many questions about this process! 🙂

You can see more construction photos by clicking on the construction tag and in my Flickr construction set.

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