Every day is different.

Shantelle loving life at the site where she is the project coordinator for Graham Construction.

I was lucky enough to meet Shantelle on my first official visit to a local construction site (April 2012).  I was looking for someone to photograph the lower part of the site and learn more about the project.  Shantelle, a Project Coordinator for Graham Construction, happily took some photos for me and answered many of my questions.

Appreciation for work.

What Shantelle enjoys most about her work as a Project Coordinator is that every day is different.  The most important thing to her is the interactions with her co-workers.  She appreciates that the interactions naturally lead to good communication and friendships.

Dream it, do it!

Shantelle’s dream is to travel throughout Africa for four months – she would like to backpack and work her way along.  She wants to not only see life in Africa but also live it!  I wonder if she knows about Engineers Without Borders? 😉

Another dream Shantelle has is to live in Kellowna, BC surrounded by fruit trees.  This past summer she had planned to travel for a couple of weeks with her gentleman-friend eating fresh fruit and barbecuing throughout British Columbia.  They plan to go white water rafting and possibly try bungee jumping and maybe hang gliding someday.  I am very excited for them!

Recommendations for a happy life?

Shantelle’s recommendations on how to live a happy, joyous life?

  • “Live everyday like it is your last.”
  • Don’t hold grudges. “..whoever said Revenge is sweet, never tasted the Yumminess of forget-about-it* ;)”

She finished off by saying, “I love life!”

Photos she took.

The photos are of the first and second foundation walls for a parkade in the bottom of Centre Square Place.  The walls were applied by Structural Shotcrete Ltd from Calgary, AB.  You can view the entire photo (and much larger) by clicking on it.

More photos.

You can see more photos of/by Shantelle on my Flickr and on this site using the construction tag.  I really enjoyed visiting with Shantelle.  I was surprised to learn we even have similar life dreams.    She is such a smarty-pants with a great sense of humour (IMO) and best of all she loves life!! 🙂

I really appreciated that she always brings the best out in those around her.
Thank you Shantelle, you are definitely on my thankful list! 🙂

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