Comradery in Construction

While out finding the beauty in construction I chatted with a few of the people that work in the construction industry.  One of the people I had the good fortune to meet is Peter Kucia.  Peter works for a company out of Calgary, Alberta (Canada) called Structural Shotcrete Ltd.

The first time Structural Shotcrete was in Regina it was a cold blustery April day.  I am impressed by how well Peter’s photos turned out*.  I found out later that Peter actually has training as a photographer!  Awesome! 🙂

Here are a few of the photos Peter shot.  I recommend clicking on each photo so you can see the entire thing.  (Shantelle and my photos were automatically added to the Gallery when I made it.  I am still learning.)

You can see more photos of and by Peter on my Flickr site and by searching construction tags here.

Thankfully Peter and Shotcrete crew were back in Regina to finish up the south and west walls on the structure.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather to ask some questions.  He spoke a lot about how important working with friends and family is to him.  Did you notice that theme in his photos as well?

When I asked about what his dreams are he told me that he would like to own a sports bar or sports restaurant or a sports team!  I encouraged him to dream big and go for all three!  He would like to own basketball team Seattle SuperSonics and bring them back to Seattle.  Dreams come true every moment of every day! 🙂

A special message from Peter to Mercedes:

Mercedes?!  Peter would like to remind you that you are loved!  In fact he asked me to tell you, “I love you Mercedes!”, on his behalf.  To quote him, “She’s amazing!” .. so yeah!  Now you know what he really thinks about you! 😉

I heart happy stories!

*I did some minor photo editing.  The photos also got a little crunched when I signed Peter’s name on them.


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