Collage for Shantelle’s work!

I am very excited to have Shantelle’s photos, as well as some others I thought she might like, burned onto a CD!  As a thank you , I wanted  to make a collage for her to keep.  This is the first draft of it.

If you worked on this construction project and are somewhere in the collage you are welcome to download and print the image.  You should be able to simply click on the image which will take you to a new page with a larger image that you can right click and save the image.

Even if you don’t want to print the image, I recommend viewing it large!  There are some fun things to see!  My favourite thing so far is the man with the great smile on the middle right side.  I had tried several times to get a photo of his face.  She not only captured a photo of his face but also a great smile!  Rock on Shantelle!!  🙂

I appreciate all of the people that let themselves be in the photos!  There will be more construction themed photo essays over the coming year.  I am thankful to Shantelle, Jack Radu and Peter Kucia for helping me get several photos I would not have been able to get without them!

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