Appreciation News Flash!

"News Flash!"I have been making public lists of appreciation for about two years now.  At first I didn’t tell people because I thought they might think I was weird.  Now that the secret is out that I am weird!  I tell most people when they are scheduled to appear on The List of Appreciation.  Some people are shocked and don’t know how to take it.  This posting is for those of you folks.

News Flash!

News flash!  You were already on the list I keep just for me .. likely several times!  Several. Times.  You are likely on mental lists of appreciation that other people make too!  You know all those people that you appreciate but never mentioned it to them?  Yes.  Or the times you told someone else how much you appreciate a person and a bunch of people chimed in about how much they appreciate that person too?  Yes.

You are appreciated.

Do the math.  You are appreciated.  A lot more than you know.

You make a difference!

Yes.  Yes you.  A lot more than you know.

*Thank you Brenda for helping me create the photo I wanted AND sharing one of your dreams with me!
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