Stuck-Ness’ and water droplets are temporary.

I was doing Shiva Nata level one horizontals with legs when I began having trouble with 3-1.  I have done horizontal 3-1 with great success for months now.  With legs I have done horizontal 3-1 successfully for days now!  Perhaps that is why I noticed my brain mumble the words, “I’ll never get this right!”  Whoa there, I call bullshit!
I took a breath and worked on the pattern slower and more thoughtfully.  Of course I got it right eventually.

Bing, bing, bing! Epiphany!

All Stucknesses are temporary!

All stucknesses are temporary.   This means the best thing I could possibly do is relax by focusing on my own joy and well being.  This means it isn’t useful for me to fret.  I/we can’t make anyone else any better by making ourselves miserable!  We can’t make anyone less sick by making ourselves sick.  This playing small thing had been getting really unpleasant!  Time to raise up the bar for myself.

I notice that the more I do what I enjoy and bring fun to any situation, the better my life goes.  The more things seem magical.  The more people accuse me of being really lucky.  Some jokingly say I have horse shoes up my butt .. err maybe the entire horse that I am so lucky?!

The more I trust and focus on fun the better life seems to go!  During the temporary times that knowing had slipped my mind my temporary stucknesses have gotten stuckier.
Now I know what I have to do!  Play more!  Create and enjoy more fun!  Stay curious!  Be my very best me!

Play with me?  What playful ways do you add more fun into your life?  Or maybe a better question is, what playful ways are you going to add more fun into your life in the very near future? 🙂


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One Response to Stuck-Ness’ and water droplets are temporary.

  1. Faith says:

    Well, having a 13-month-old definitely reminds me to play more… since she is very adamant about playing/reading/colouring together. I guess that’s what children are for, to remind us that life is to be enjoyed and lived, not rushed through.