Learning about asking

Asking for help doesn't mean you've failed.I am learning about asking for and allowing myself to receive what I need.  I am learning that asking for help does not mean that I am a whiner.  My younger sister brought it to my attention that asking for help does not mean I have failed.  As she did that it occurred to me that not asking for help can put off success (at best) and guarantee failure (at worst).
I am learning that it is not a burden for someone to help me out.  It feels like the most difficult lesson of all.  Interesting that I like being helpful to others but in the past, when I asked for help I had been trained to believe my ask was a burden.  That train of thought doesn’t work well.

Definitely still work to do on this asking for and receiving help thing.  I hear that it’s a process! 🙂

Helpful Resources

Resources that are helping me to learn about asking for and receiving what I need are Marshall Rosenberg’s Speaking Peace and Non-violent Communication.  Both accessible in audiobook format.  As always, check out Google and YouTube to learn more about Rosenberg and NVC.

I also began learning this thing called Dance of Shiva .. which may also have  been useful in my figuring things out because it leads my mind to the silence between the notes that makes the music. (It makes meditation easier.)

I first heard about Non-Violent Communication and Shiva Nata from Havi Brooks’ website The Fluent Self.

Receiving help can be a gift to the giver and givee.

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