Honouring the Gift of George

George with tiny birdAs of lately I have begun thinking of a gift as an outer action that someone else, outside ourselves, is able to experience. Or something to that affect.


On Saturday during errands I passed through an open air mall. I saw a man in a crouching position in what looked like some sort of a trance. He wasn’t smoking like the crouching woman in the black and white dress a few doors down. Many people walked by looking at him but no one stopped or asked if he was okay.


I called to the man to make sure he was okay.

Sometimes people aren’t okay. Sometimes I’m not having the best day either. I know I like it when someone checks in on me when I am laying on the ground taking photos. I like it when we all give a bean about our community. People make up communities, not buildings or organizations. Checking to see that people are okay is one way to give a bean about our community.

George, the man, was indeed okay and watching a small bird. Unfortunately, I scared the bird a bit when I inquired. Strangely, the bird hopped away but didn’t fly. It was beautiful and patiently let me watch for a moment (until I went to get my camera out at least). The bird was much more patient with George though. Or maybe George is just more patient?! 🙂


Gift honouring?

I am thankful George was watching the bird, especially in an urban area. It was a good reminder to “Stop, Look and Listen” for nature. I am thankful that I stopped to speak with him.

Maybe one of George’s gifts is seeing and bravely looking? Because he was seeing and patiently looking he helped me to do the same. I noticed more birds and tiny things on the ground after I spoke with him. Because he has a kind face and was pleasant to speak with I had an even better day. I really like experiencing how our community is alive (of non-people and people!).

A possible lesson?

When you see something out of the ordinary, inquire! You will likely get to learn something! The person will likely be really interesting to speak with too!

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