Camden Inspires Me Dammit

I am thankful for my favourite nephew named Camden because he inspires me to try new things and do my artwork.  I learn a lot from him.  His Birthday is in June and I am currently three years behind on his birthday presents and birthday twoonies!  He has been very patient!

I finished a large artwork piece the other day but felt waffle-y on the size of the paper and other various silly excuses not to do my work.  Camden’s present has been haunting me since before his birthday THREE YEARS AGO!  I made a list of steps to take to complete his gift(s).  There are two parts to his gift.

  • Twoonies for his 19, 20 and 21 birthdays
  • Artwork from me

I have been giving him a twoonie for each year of his age for his birthday for about a decade now.  I have something I need to say out loud to and about how he inspires me and I believe it will be useful to him to hear it.
For some reason I feel nervous about making him, or anyone my art.  My “real” artwork, as I told my younger sister earlier today.  Her response was, “have you been making fake artwork all this time?”  I had been making what other people thought I should make.  This stuff I do now is less restricted.

My nephew is very brave.  Making a gift for him made me feel brave and try a new thing.  I don’t normally paint but serendipity was pointing me in that direction. It feels good to do something I wouldn’t normally think of doing.

I am very thankful for him.  Thinking about him makes me work more at being a good person and setting a good example for he and my niece.

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